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A Word From the President…

ECAHS President Norma Leslie

ECHAS President Norma Leslie

…on the progress of the railway restoration project and what we can offer today’s youth.


As we look forward to spring, warmer weather, and longer days, the East Central Alberta Heritage Society is preparing to continue our project of re-laying the rail to Donalda. Some significant progress was made in 2013, however, the wet weather did hamper our efforts considerably.


As you know, our Mission is to restore the rail line in order to highlight the historic significance of the rail  in the settlement and development of the prairies of Western Canada. Trains were once the main mode of transportation for the movement of goods, the delivery of mail, and travel between destinations by settler residents of the area.


Cars were few and roads were not conducive to travel in less than perfect weather in the early days, so people came to rely on horses, and the train. The children of today find it hard to equate this with our current ‘fast pace’. Our goal is to encourage mature adults to reminisce, and to physically ‘show’ youngsters how it was, by providing the rail line so that the tourist train operator can give them the opportunity to experience a taste of the past.


It is our Volunteers who keep this dream alive and flourishing. Being part of ECAHS is not a terribly timeconsuming job, as  the Board of Directors meet once a month in order to keep things moving along. We have a website that we try to keep current, but we could really use some help with that from someone who is computer savvy and has a bit of time to donate to the cause. Many of our Directors have been at the helm for many years, and some are ready to retire, so we need volunteers who have an interest in Heritage to join us and would be willing  to take on a bit of a leadership role. To be honest, we need some new ‘blood’, people with new ideas and just a bit of time to help out from time to time.   We have been approved for a Casino license, and our Society will volunteer to work for 2 days at a Red Deer Casino as a fund raiser. We have not been assigned a date as yet, but it should be sometime in 2016, and we will need about 20 volunteers to work in 4-6 hour shift. The funds that we earn are significant and will be used to further our objectives.


Please consider taking out a membership in East Central Alberta Heritage Society. There is an application form available here, and we encourage your support.


Norma Leslie – President


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