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About Us

The East Central Alberta Heritage Society was formed in 1997 to preserve the railway rights of way known as the Stettler Subdivision. It was determined that it was in the public interest to acquire this heritage corridor and as much of the rail as possible.


Using a combination of donations, grants and debt financing, the society purchased all of the rights of way from Edberg in the north to Morrin in the south. Rail remains in place between Stettler and Big Valley and is leased to Alberta Prairie Railway Excursion in order for that company to continue to offer tourist excursion train services. Short stretches rights of way in the communities of Meeting Creek, Donalda, Stettler, Big Valley and Rowley were not included in the purchase and are owned by the Canadian Northern Society, Alberta Prairie, Villages of Donalda and Big Valley and the Rowley Community Assoc.


It has always been the intention of the East Central Alberta Heritage Society to rebuild the rail north from Stettler to Red Willow, Donalda, Meeting Creek and Edberg and south from Big Valley to Rumsey, Rowley and Morrin. This dream will take time and the society is embarked on an effort to try and make use of these lands. Currently Alberta Prairie Wagon Trains is using the rights of way between Red Willow and Donalda to offer wagon train experiences during the summer months.


The thinking is that with proper management of the rights of way, access will be controlled and the property can be protected for future generations. Working with adjacent landowners, the society will be developing a plan which could include some assistance to improve fencing and the development of control structures at access points.


Society meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at the Stettler Regional Board of Trade offices, located at:


6606 – 50th Street
Stettler, AB, T0C 2L0


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