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Linear Parks Ready for Public Use this Summer


East Central Alberta Heritage Society’s five natural linear parks are now complete and ready for public use.


These long narrow parks are located on abandoned rail bed, south of Rumsey, south of Rowley, south of Big Valley, south of Edberg, and north of Meeting Creek. These natural linear parks include close to 11 miles of the society’s rail rights of way – running one-half mile immediately south of Edberg, one and one-half miles north of Meeting Creek, two miles south of Big Valley parallel to Range Road 201A and 202A, two and one-half miles south of Rumsey, including the Rumsey swamp wetlands, and more than four miles immediately south from Rowley.



The natural linear parks welcome walking, jogging, and picnicking, and are accessible for all ages to the degree possible, regardless of physical ability, financial resources, or residence location. They are equipped with picnic tables, garbage cans, and washrooms. They are environmentally friendly, and protect and enhance environmentally sensitive areas. Public access is only by foot and no vehicular traffic is allowed.


These parks are fenced and gated for the public and adjacent landowner safety. Entrance gates, safety fencing, and cattle fencing will be maintained. There are no road crossings, industrial activity, or heavy equipment usage in the area, making the element of risk along the linear parks minimal to non-existent.



A total of slightly more than 200 birdhouses have been erected in the five parks and the Buffalo Lake Naturalists inventory of flora and fauna will be complete and included with maps showing park locations and access prior to the 2014 opening.



The Natural Linear Parks have been developed in a manner has not damaged or impacted the environment. The railway bed was constructed many years ago, well above any wetlands, and culverts and bridges already exist so that the least amount of disturbance has occurred.



The Natural Linear Parks project was completed for close to the planned financial expenditure of $732,000.00.


Click the highlighted link to see the Public Brochure.




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