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Your Help Is Needed – Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of an important community initiative? The East Central Alberta Heritage Society might be a right fit for you.


Projects of the size and scale undertaken by East Central need the help of a large number of people to get the job done. It can’t be done by a single part time administrator. People need not necessarily be directly involved in fund raising or doing the physical work. They can help by serving on a committee, writing letters, or introducing ideas to help open new doors. It can be as simple as passing this newsletter on to others and speaking out in support of what ECAHS is attempting to do.


Although you may have already done so, we urge you to renew or take out a membership with the East Central Alberta Heritage Society. By the same token, many of the people who receive this newsletter have made tax-deductible donations, either since the current campaign began, or as part of regular on-going basis. If you have not yet done so, the East Central Alberta Heritage Society asks that you consider making a donation.


If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with the Heritage Society and want to be directly involved, please give us a call at 403-742-3997.


In addition to its on-going programs and support for various community heritage programs, the East Central Alberta Heritage Society has embarked on two very ambitious capital projects, relaying of rail to Donalda and the development of Natural Linear Parks.


Plans to relay rail on existing rights of way from Stettler to Donalda and to develop a series of Natural Linear Parks is funded in the most part by the Government of Canada’s Community Adjustment Fund and supported by Canadian Badlands Ltd. Linear Parks will be developed only on those parts of rail rights of way that do not have nor are likely to include rail in the near future.


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